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Retail Precincts

Entertainment and Dining Precinct

Sharing a coffee, a light meal or full dinner with family and friends is an important part of Doha’s social fabric. Barahat Msheireb located at the centre of the project, will offer a wide selection of restaurants and cafés, with the exclusive Mandarin Oriental Hotel as an iconic landmark. From casual and family eateries to the finest haute cuisine, the restaurants surrounding the open plaza will be a focal point in the project.

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Diners can enjoy a variety of activities taking place at the square. From art exhibitions, product launches and light shopping to fashion shows and professional performances, Barahat Msheireb will delight and entertain visitors, both young and old. Facing Barahat Msheireb is the vibrant Cultural Forum.

The restaurant clientele will have full view of the activities from the al fresco seating. The outdoor seating areas will be cooled to provide comfort well into the summer months.

Heritage Precinct

The Heritage Precinct pays homage to the rich culture and legacy of the nation with museums, heritage houses and a traditional Qatari restaurant.

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Lifestyle and Leisure Precinct

Sikkat Wadi Msheireb runs the entire length of the project from Souk Waqif to Al Kahraba Street. This pedestrian only shopping district will be a landmark within the project. With chic al fresco restaurants, live performance areas, and an exciting mix of niche fashion and accessories boutiques, the precinct will form a natural focal point and become a highly popular shopping and entertainment area in Doha.

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Sikkat Wadi Msheireb will be a place to gather and stroll down the pedestrian street, starting at the connection to Souk Waqif and culminating in Sahat Al Nakheel.

Retail Precinct

The Retail Precinct will be the core of Msheireb’s retail offering and will feature an enclosed retail galleria, a department store, several international flagship stores, as well as a unique children’s area.

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Bright, airy and well designed, the retail mix in the precinct will satisfy the desire for all merchandise and entertainment needs.

Luxury Court Precinct

The Luxury Court Precinct, a continuation of Sikkat Al Maiz, south of Al Khail Street, will feature a cluster of designer shops across two floors. The interior of this exclusive enclosed area will offer a selection of the world’s most desirable brands, in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle.

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The area will also feature an exclusive health centre and spa. An adjoining cluster of luxury designer jewelry and accessory shops will line the external façade leading to the entrance way.

Urban Living Precinct

A combination of offices and apartment residences will be located at the west end of the development, between Al Khail Street and Wadi Msheireb Street. The retail offering will provide everything needed to enhance the experience of living or working in the precinct. Such as fashion, office supplies, bookstores, banking and personal services.

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Complemented by a vibrant café and restaurant culture, this neighbourhood will be a major drawcard for businesses looking to establish themselves within the city centre.

Home Furnishing Precinct

With Msheireb destined to become Doha’s residential address of choice, a precinct dedicated to home furnishing will be a cornerstone of the project. This precinct, located at the west end of Al Khail Street, will feature a range of well known international home furnishing and home accessory stores.

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Arranged in a cluster, each store will be focused on a specific segment of merchandise for the home. Customers will be able to choose from a wide section of lighting, floor coverings, tableware, appliances, furniture and accessories, all within walking distance. Collectively, these stores will provide everything one needs to decorate a home, with a selection much broader than available elsewhere.

Qatar Living Precinct

Retail in the Qatar Living Precinct will feature a cluster of boutiques and services tailored to Qataris and other GCC nationals. Located at the northern end of Al Kahraba Street, the shops will cater to the large number of residences, enhancing the lifestyle and prestige of the district.

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The Qatari Living Precinct will feature Middle Eastern specialty restaurants, quality branded fashion stores, tailoring, fabric shops, financial services and local merchandise, all within easy walking distances for the residents.

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