A New Architectural Language

Msheireb will define a new architectural language for the 21st century, bridging the gap between the historic Doha of the past, and the shining metropolis it is today.

A central theme in the Msheireb master plan is the reinterpretation of traditional design elements in a new language that authentically reflects and recreates Qatari Heritage, based on the ethos of the 'Seven Steps' that were developed in the research phase of the project.

Embodied within traditional Qatari architecture are timeless aspects of proportion, robustness, simplicity, ornament, and a local response to the hot climate and its intense daylight.

The Seven Steps

Msheireb's architectural language was developed as a three year collaboration by some of the world's leading architects, academics and urban planners. Msheireb Properties defined the core discoveries of this research effort in the 'Seven Steps' –a declaration for an entirely new architectural language that will take Qatar's architectural development into the future. The Seven Steps integrate the spirit and aesthetics of Qatari architecture with the best that sustainable design and modern technology have to offer. Ultimately, it aims to restore the uniqueness of Qatar's built environment and the strong social ties that once defined Qatari society.

The Seven Steps

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