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The Msheireb Downtown Doha project is divided into five broad quarters that contain an ideal mix of hospitality, retail, residential, commercial, cultural and civic offerings. Designed to have everything close and convenient enough to walk to, each quarter caters to the every need of an urban dweller.

The five quarters comprise the city’s key extended government area, offices, luxurious residential units, green spaces, an international school, community mosques, state-of-the-art retail spaces, treasured cultural offerings, many cafés and world-class dining, and hotel options – all within minutes of one another. With a mix so diverse, Msheireb Downtown Doha will truly be a place like no other.

Diwan Amiri Quarter

Anchored at the northeast corner of the project, the Diwan Amiri Quarter is adjacent to both the Amiri Diwan and the Al Koot Fort. This neighbourhood’s character is established primarily by its relationship with the Amiri Diwan, Qatar’s seat of government.

The Diwan Amiri Quarter is a group of three stone-clad public buildings comprising the Diwan Annexe – the administrative headquarters building for the Amiri Diwan, the Amiri Guard Building and the Qatar National Archive. The storehouse of Qatar’s heritage, the Qatar National Archive facing Doha Bay, the Eid Prayer Ground and Souk Waqif, will be one of the city’s prominent landmarks.

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The Diwan Amiri Quarter is uniquely rooted in Qatar’s heritage and tradition; The Qatar National Archive is based on the form of a traditional fort-like tower while the Diwan Annexe building‘s outward-looking form surrounded by ‘liwan’ balconies is based on the traditional ‘diwania’ or small palace. In addition, the shape of the Amiri Guard Building reflects both the courtyard house and the fort, and the structural openings within its thick masonry walls echo the ‘malqaf’ or breathing wall of traditional Qatari houses.

This quarter is conveniently located to serve the community with administrative and government services.

Heritage Quarter

The Heritage Quarter is a historic area where traditional courtyard houses and the Eid Prayer Ground dating from the first decade of the last century have been restored, alongside a newly constructed mosque.

A specialised team of leading local and international architects and experts oversaw the restoration and preservation of four historical buildings. The Heritage Houses, commonly known as the Bin Jelmood House, the Company House, the Mohammed bin Jassim House and the Radwani House have transformed the Heritage Quarter and created an important cultural destination within the development.

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The four courtyard houses, including the family house of Mohammed bin Jassim, the son of the founder of modern Qatar, have been converted into culturally significant museums, cultural centres and exhibition buildings. Rooted in local history, these courtyards and spaces showcase important aspects of Qatar’s history and memories of old Doha.

Retail Quarter

The largest of all five quarters, the Retail Quarter will feature the Galleria – an enclosed shopping mall, with several international flagship stores, cinema, supermarket, children’s edutainment zone and numerous dining outlets. In addition, beautiful outdoor areas like Sikkat Wadi Msheireb, a pedestrian-only street studded with the best cafés, al fresco dining, and small unique boutiques, will offer an extra level of sophistication to the retail experience.

Home to the largest covered public square in the entire region, Barahat Msheireb will be one of the main features of the Msheireb project with a wide range of dining and café options. Equipped with a retractable roof, Barahat Msheireb will be able to adapt to the cool temperatures of the winter through to the heat of the summer. Anchored by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, this vibrant square will be active throughout the year with ongoing live performances and displays, as well as seasonal and community events.

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Also located in this quarter is the Cultural Forum comprising art house cinemas, exhibition halls and live performance theaters. In addition, the Cultural Forum will also house beautiful galleries to host a variety of displays and performances, as well as social gatherings and receptions.

The quarter will also feature premium brands in a department store that hosts a VIP Lounge with special valet service, concierge service and private product viewing areas, assisted by the personal shopper facility.

The development will offer an array of settings and styles to suit virtually any retail concept, including world-renowned fashion boutiques and a wide range of exclusive clothing, jewellery, home furnishing and electronics stores.

Mixed-Use & Residential Quarter

Amidst beautiful green landscapes and community parks, the Mixed-Use Quarter will have a combination of commercial, retail and residential properties that overlap the Retail Quarter. Clusters of elegant townhouses and apartments gathered around the northern end of Al Kahraba Street will provide an upmarket residential address.

With attractive and spacious homes true to the rich herit age of the Qatari people, these upmarket homes offer state-of-the-art amenities integral to modern living. These unique ic onic dwellings are designed with the Qatari lifestyle in mind and deliver exceptional living environments that offer privacy and security together with generous indoor and outdoor spaces and superb functionality.

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The residential offering will also include modern apartments with world-class fittings and finishes geared for a cosmopolitan society, complete with contemporary amenities in a secure neighbourhood.

The western edges of the quarter are formed by high-profile office buildings, a school and a mixture of apartments, while the centre of the quarter contains residences and a mosque, along with a cluster of shops and services.

Carefully planned tram routes and public transportation services provide residents and visitors with a lifestyle of convenience in a seamlessly connected community.

Business Gateway

With several office buildings spread over 193,000 square metres, the Business Gateway will offer premium business amenities, supported by a mix of banking, personal and civic services, and ease of access through its convenient location.

The offices on Al Diwan Street are integrated with the upscale living district and urban apartment areas, mosques, schools, banks and the future metro station on Sahat Al Nakheel. This business district lies close to the Retail Quarter and will be a short walk from the department store, the Galleria, and a vibrant café culture with food and beverage outlets.

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The Business Gateway will offer a new type of architecture for offices, moving away from stand-alone towers to user-friendly, midrise and low-rise experiences. The project will provide a multitude of commercial offerings including world-class fittings and finishes, state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure offerings.

For the business traveller, the area is in proximity to many hotel options, from small boutique hotels to the five star Mandarin Oriental Hotel, providing businesses with the convenience of meeting and conference facilities.

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